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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Blog posting now closed.

As I warned the other day, blog posting here is now closed. Please follow this link to .

Friday, January 14, 2005


Blogs wikis, forums, and mailing lists

Now that we're rolling with this, discussion has largely moved to the OTAS SourceForge site. On Monday 17 January 2005, I'll disable all comments on this site to encourage people to move to Source Forge.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Blogs wikis, forums, and mailing lists

Okay, so we've now got more communications infrastructure than the Department of Defense, so I guess we should do some actual work. I think the most productive comms mechanism we've got is the wiki, so I propose the following:
I've moved the architecture discussion over to the OTAS wiki, where I hope all involved will follow me.

( Just for backup, that URL is

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


The Wiki Is Set Up Too

You can find it at

(I accidentally sent a personal blog post to the OTAS blog ... sorry about that, for anybody who was forced to read my drivel.)


Status report sent tonight

Most everyone who's email address I had as being interested in OTAS should have received this report. The one exception is the people for whom I have sourceforge project addresses; for some reason (I'm pursuing it with my ISP) email from my home email is rejected by sourceforge.

.. :Time-stamp: <2005-01-12>

Status Notes to Participants (and others)

:author: Charlie Martin
:date: 2005-01-12 19:51 (Zulu-7)

Folks, thank you all for volunteering, and forgive me for this
form letter, but I'm flat-out astonished at how much activity
this has gotten, and I just don't have time to answer everyone
individually. So, if you're getting this, you've either
volunteered your help, or you've somehow otherwise indicated
enough interest that I think you may be sucked in.

I'm anxious to bring everyone into the project as soon as
possible. This will require, primarily, that I learn how to work
the Source Forge project, which means I've got a bunch of
documentation to read.

In the mean time, here's what I'd suggest:

(1) let's keep the discussion going on the blog until I can
create a mailing list and/or forum, along with a home page.
Brian, I accept your offer with thanks, take a shot at a
couple of logos and we'll put them up for a vote ASAP.
Similarly, a simple website design. My own prejudice is
very strongly toward great simplicity and (as I'm getting to
That Age) relatively large fonts. Of course, if anyone else
wants to try their hand at logos, I'm all for it.

(2) We discussed Python and Java in order to put a stake in the
ground, and because the people, for non-obvious
reasons, wanted a choice before they'd approve the project.
My real feeling is that we'll eventually want not just
Python and Java, but also PHP, some Microsoft-specific
stuff, and very possibly Fortran so we can steal, er, obtain
appropriate numerical codes.

So, if you're not a Java person, don't think we're not
interested. "Let a thousand flowers bloom" and all that.

(3) My bias is very strongly toward openness in this whole
project, but I didn't have the foresight to mention anything
when I started the blog. What I'd *like* to do is make the
developers and associated people list open to everyone, in
something like this format:

:name: Full Name
:handle: ie, login name
:email: email address
:IM: IM addresses
:bio: Short bio, one paragraph.

Is everyone cool with that? If so, please drop me a note
with that information (leave out anything you don't want to
include) and I'll set up the list.

For that reason, I'm mailing this out to everyone under a
BCC:, in order not to expose your email addresses.

**PLEASE** unless you have a strong reason to the contrary,
let me at least pass out a handle and email address. I
won't publish them on the website(s), but it will mean I can
avoid doing a lot of middle-man stuff.

Thanks again, all of you, for volunteering. I apologize for my
failings as an instant project organizer, but bear with me and
we'll get this going.

.. Local Variables:
.. fill-column: 65
.. End:

Home page, mailing lists, etc.

Folks, thanks to the diligence (and greater knowledge than your humble narrator) of StuS (gurustu) we've now got a discussion and announcement mailing list set up, and a basic scratch home page installed.

The home page can be found at

Mailing list subscriptions are at

Mailing lists, fora, and so forth.

Folks — As I said below, this is my first SF project, and there's a lot of documentation to be read. I'll be reading the docs and catching up with the mail tonight, and I hope will have more information tomorrow. I'm also writing architectural notes that I'll post Real Soon Now. — CRM

(PS. Until then, I can open posting on this blog to more people than Darren and me. Drop me a note.)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005



Yes, I've changed the template, looking for something even more simple and sparse.

OTAS Mailing list

Folks, I've created a first mailing list for OTAS. You should be able to sign up for it at the SourceForce page.
What I haven't done so far is figure out how to add developers or set up the home page.

BTW, is anyone a graphics designer type who'd like to develop a logo and home page?


Folks — Just to let you know, I had the job interview from hell today, and I'm just too wiped out to catch up tonight. Expect further content tomorrow. — CRM

Monday, January 10, 2005


Bookmark Collection for OTAS

I've started storing bookmarks related to this project on using the tag OTAS. This service facilitates the public sharing of hyperlinks. Feel free to add to the collection using this tag. You can view these bookmarks via the following link:


Folks, there are a lot of comments volunteering to help. Thank you all. I've got a SourceForge project set up, which will help a lot; the Blogger blog was always intended as a quick stopgap. It kind of sounds like a mailing list could be good. Let me know; I'll figure out how to best set it up at SF.

(Go easy on me, this is my first SF project and I'm sort of a theory guy. Anyone who's ever administered an SF project is more than welcome to volunteer, he hinted subtley.)

Sourceforge Project created

Good news. We've gotten our Sourceforge project; you can find the home page here .

There's been a good bit of discussion by email; I'll try to summarize it in another posting.

UPDATE: Oh, Bullwinkle, that trick never works. That link should work now; just in case, it's


A Tsunami Warning Widget

From Australia .

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Weak points in centralized Tsunami Warning Systems

Some good points about weak links in such a system.

Notice the number of weak links here that would be eliminated by decentralized non-governmental OTAS.


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